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Clinnova Research Solutions

Headquartered in Garden Grove, California, Clinnova Research Solutions is a Site Management Organization (SMO) that envisions transforming the clinical research industry through equitable human trials and studies. Clinnova Research Solutions was founded in the spring of 2020 during a time of great uncertainty and unease surrounding medical care and the overall health of the general population. Starting with taking part in significant COVID-19 studies, the company has since expanded to a variety of other indications with additional investigators, coordinators, and locations. 


All staff are properly trained to manage an array of clinical research operations while maintaining the highest standards in protocol adherence, patient care, and regulatory compliance. For more information about our current and past studies, check out our studies page.

About Clinnova

Our Leadership

Aashish joined Clinnova in June 2021 overseeing business operations and technology before taking on the CEO role. ​

Prior to Clinnova, Aashish spent 8 years working at Warner Bros., most recently as an executive within its Technology division where he led the strategy, program operations, decision support, and capital investment groups. In this role, Aashish helped the organization navigate M&A activity, lean into emerging technologies, and modernize technology and operational processes that touched all aspects of the studio: content production, marketing, sales, and global distribution of movie and tv shows. Prior to WB, he was a data and strategy consultant with Accenture.​

Aashish has a degree in Electrical Engineering from UCSD and MBA from UCLA Anderson. 

Prahar Parikh is the founder of Clinnova Research Solutions, and currently uses his pharmaceutical expertise working as the Director of Clinical Operations.

Prior to starting Clinnova , Prahar Parikh worked as a pharmacist in different locations throughout New Jersey as well as opening his own in 2014. After spending nearly a decade in the pharmaceutical field, Prahar's passion for helping his patients evolved into a dream of innovating and improving treatments and therapies for patients everywhere. Since the beginning of Clinnova's journey, Prahar has been overseeing Clinnova's growth and expansion while providing essential insight into decisions and strategies in clinical operations. 


Prahar holds a PharmD from Roseman University of Health Sciences in Utah and a BS in pharmacy from MGR Medical University in India.

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