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Are you interested in volunteering for a clinical trial? By participating in a clinical study, you have the potential opportunity to receive new life-changing treatments while also contributing to the development and improvement of new or existing medications. 

When you participate in a clinical trial, every study-related clinical assessment is done with no cost to you. Volunteers may also receive financial compensation for their participation in a clinical trial. 


Most importantly, your health and safety is always our main priority. If you choose to participate in a clinical trial, you will be informed of all potential benefits and risks. No procedure can take place without your informed consent. 


The short answer: yes. 

Your health, safety, and consent are our primary concern. Every clinical trial must strictly comply with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines in order to be approved by the FDA. These guidelines are in place in order to avoid any unreasonable risk. Of course, in every study there are potential risks, such as side effects, or the treatment not being effective enough. Therefore, you should make sure that all of your questions regarding risks, benefits, and procedures are answered before agreeing to participate in a clinical trial. The clinical trial staff is there to answer all of them. 

Additionally, it's important to note that even if you do choose to participate in a study, you may opt to leave the study at any point if you change your mind. 


Clinical trial participants do not have to pay anything in order to participate. All study-related examinations and medications are provided at no cost to you. In fact, most studies will compensate you for your time and travel expenses. How much a study pays their participants typically depends on the type and duration of the study.


 There are many different reasons why people choose to participate in clinical trials. Some people volunteer so they can receive new treatments for a certain disease or condition that they wouldn't have access to otherwise. Others participate so they are able to help others around the world. 


Before a clinical trial begins, any potential study participant must go through a screening process to determine their eligibility. While the screening process differs for each trial, many require your medical history, blood tests, and a physical examination. 


This depends on each clinical trial. Clinical trials can last anywhere from just one month up to five years.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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